Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Development Company

At Sun Marketing, we help you develop brand-new websites or redesign your existing one to make it friendly to modern technologies, and mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Design

Our solutions have a strong foundation in technology. We select the most suitable front-end and back-end technology to build versatile and scalable solutions.

There is no compromise on visual and experience design for the customer. We build a secure content management system that is easily accessible through internet-enabled devices, so it is easy for you to update, monitor and measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

We can help you develop different types of websites according to your specific requirements.

Static websites
Static websites are ideal if you do not foresee a regular content updates. Since the code is very limited, the pages load very fast on any device.

CMS websites
If you want to frequently update your website, we will develop a Content Management System based website for you. Leave the hard work of coding to us; with a CMS website, all you need to do is just log into the platform and update the content.

E-commerce websites
E-commerce websites have to be built on robust platforms and must be capable of handling heavy traffic. They must also feature secure payment options. Our experienced developers will build a reliable e-commerce website which can handle large amounts of traffic, load fast, and function without any errors. We will make it easy for your customers to simply add their preferred products to the shopping cart and effortlessly make the payment.

Web portals
Web portals are single access points through which you can get to several sources of information, e-mail, forums, and social networking facilities. Let us build a portal which can be used to obtain information, distribute content, collaborate, and manage workflow. Different sections of the portal can be made selectively accessible to users depending on what their roles and needs are.

Using the right technology:

We use the more appropriate technology to develop your website. The following are the key steps of development.

  • Select the right infrastructure and software
  • Front-end and back-end technology
  • Visual and experience design
  • Content management
  • Accessibility through internet-enabled devices
  • Security layer